South Korea

to east anglia

Jeong-un brings her awesome Korean street food to East Coast Diner, Woodbridge!

FRIDAY 26th July - Dinner 5-9pm

SATURDAY 27th July - Dinner 5-9pm



Jeong-un Creagh launched Korean Kitchen to bring her family recipe kimchi & the exotic flavours of her native South Korea to East Anglia. Apart from being the nicest person we've ever met, she is the driving force behind this exciting food business & is looking forward to welcoming you all here in July!


street food

'Popcorn chicken' / Dakgangjeong

Popcorn chicken coated in sticky chilli sauce

& cashew nut flakes. £7



Crispy fried vegetable dumplings, served with pickled yellow radish and spicy soy & vinegar dipping sauce. £6 (vegetarian friendly)



hinly-sliced pan fried beef, marinated with kiwi, apple, pear and soy sauce, served with sticky rice, lettuce (for wrapping!), kimchi, spicy bean paste & wasabi onion dip. £13


Sweet potato glass noodles, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, assorted vegetables, topped with tofu coated in sticky chilli sauce, served with kimchi. £12 (vegan friendly)

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