Extra large

thin & crispy

We are quite obsessive about our pizzas here. The base is hand rolled, extra large & super-thin, then we add just the right amount of San Marzano tomato sauce & mozzarella on it to melt in the 3.5 minutes it takes to stone-bake them.

Tide Mill


The Tide Mill mills grain grown in East Anglia, reducing food miles and is a welcome addition to our list of local suppliers. The grain is a specially selected red wheat grain which provides an excellent bake, capable of producing great tasty pizzas or a lighter loaf. It is slow milled on traditional French burr stones to ensure the best quality and it’s just the whole wheat grain, NOTHING ADDED, AND NOTHING TAKEN OUT, preserving the natural bran and characteristics of the whole grain with a strong, slightly nutty flavour to the flour.



Head Miller Dan Tarrant-Willis and his team use the tides on our River Deben to turn Woodbridge Tide Mill’s huge water wheel and machinery to mill flour for your East Coast Diner pizza. Being one of only two working tide mills in the country makes this a virtually unique experience – go  visit! Naturally milled, local Tide Mill flour gives our pizzas a genuine ‘taste of Woodbridge’. Our freshly-made dough is proved twice to add extra lightness before we roll it out extra-large and super-thin then bake at 350 degrees. An authentic Romano-Woodbridgian style thin & crispy pizza!

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